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The Regent Park Community Benefits Coalition was formed by the Regent Park Neighborhood Association with support from local community organizations and the Toronto Community Benefits Network. The coalition’s purpose is to improve the revitalization process for better community benefits as part of Phase 4 & 5. 

In 2021, the RPNA Regent Park Community Benefits Coalition secured a commitment from TCHC and selected developer partner, Tridel, to include 26.8M as part of a Community Benefits Agreement for Phase 4 and 5.

TCBN would like to acknowledge the leadership of residents and organizations who advocated to ensure the revitalization process prioritizes local community needs including good jobs and training for TCHC tenants and local residents, affordable home ownership, affordable housing including increased RGI, social procurement, community owned space, and investments to support social development.

Pavithra Sulanthar, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association 

Marlene DeGenova, Co-Chair Regent Park Neighbourhood Association 

Barb Brook, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association 

Walied Khogali, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association 

Ismail Afrah, Co-Chair Regent Park Neighbourhood Association  

Ibrahim Afrah, Resident leader

Miguel avila-velarde, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association  

Gail Lynch, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association 

Deany Peters, Regent Park Community Health Centre 

Larry Chang, Resident Leader

Zaheed Alli, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association  

Jonella Evangelista, Yonge Street Mission 

Calboy Seseman, Resident leader

Brian Eng, Resident leader

Brian Gonsalves, Student 

Stephanie Beattie, Regent Park Neighbourhood Association  

Sureya Ibrahim, Toronto Centre for Learning & Development 

Sunday Harrison, GreenThumbsTO

John Alves, Resident Leader

Denise Soueidan-O'Leary, Centre for Social Innovation

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