Lawrence Heights

Lawrence Heights Revitalization Coalition is a resident-led coalition which formed in 2020, with support from North York Community House and Toronto Community Benefits Network.  

The coalition sees revitalization as not just about the physical infrastructure but also about looking at a complete community which includes affordability, community assets, economic and decent work opportunities, community health and services, environmental sustainability, community safety, systems and social infrastructure that will support and live beyond the revite process.

In 2021, the coalition hosted a series of community meetings and workshops in Lawrence Heights to discuss residents' experiences with revitalization and finalize a community vision for community benefits to inform the next phase(s) of revitalization. Key community benefits priorities include good jobs, affordable home ownership, confronting anti black racism and investments to support training, entrepreneurship and social development. 

The TCBN would like to recognize the following people who helped to support resident engagement and the development of the Lawrence Heights Community Benefits Priorities Report.

Kanaka Kulendran - North York Community House

Shannon Spencer - North York Community House

Trudy-Ann Powell - Resident Leader

Trevaun Douglas - Resident leader 

Khairiya Ahmed - Resident Leader 

Denise Bishop-Earle - Resident Leader 

Kaydeen Bankasingh - Resident Leader 

Miss Beverly Laing - Resident Leader 

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