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The Golden Mile Community Benefits Framework (CBF) is a community-informed response to the anticipated large-scale, transit-oriented development precipitated by the construction of the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT). This document builds on years of local efforts to advance the community’s vision for inclusive development and is intended for investors, local property owners, political representatives, community advocates and other interested stakeholders to ensure private investments yield social, economic, and other benefits for residents in the area.

The TCBN would like to recognize the following people and organizations who helped to support with resident engagement and the development of the Golden Mile Community Benefits Framework

Andrea Bryan, Centennial College

Cynthia Dumont, West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre

Michelle German, Woodgreen Community Services

Luanne Rayvals, Working Women Community Centre

Andrea Bryan, Centennial College

Margie Garneau City of Toronto, Economic Development

Qazi Hasan, Woodgreen Community Services

Irmi Hutfless, Catholic Cross Cultural Services

Steve Shallhorn, Labour Education Centre

Laura Hammond, Birchmount Community Action Council

Zohra Rahman, Youthlink Youth Services

Doris Rajan Institute for Research & Development on Inclusion and Society (IRIS)

Hana Yassin, Harm Reduction & GBV Specialist

Maria Dasoo Project Assistant

Fadumo Duale Project Assistant

Alexander Gambin MPI Candidate

Puneh Jamshidi-Moghadam MPI Candidate

Angela Koh Project Coordinator

Amy Lam Placement Student

Mimi Lau Project Facilitator (Planner)

Lily Su Community Engagement Assistant

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