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After years of community advocacy, the City of Toronto Community Benefits Framework (CBF) was adopted by Toronto City Council in 2019. The CBF focuses on ways to maximize the use of City of Toronto levers (such as procurement, real estate transactions, or financial incentives for specific sectors and uses) to create inclusive and equitable economic opportunities through community benefits initiatives. 

In 2021, City of Toronto City Council voted to approve and advance the Community Benefits Framework including establishing a goal to achieve a 10 percent EQUITY target in construction projects procured by Purchasing and Materials Management Division over $50 million, and Housing Now projects. Additionally, new funding was confirmed for six new staff to begin the design, prototype and pilot testing of backend infrastructure that will strengthen existing, and build new relationships with key stakeholders, coordinate workforce development partners and sector-based experts. 

TCBN would like to recognize the following TCBN members, partners and allies who supported in submitting a letter or making a deputation to the City of Toronto Executive Committee and City Council meetings. 

Fausto Natarelli and Dexter King , York University 

Elvy Moro, STEP to Construction 

Halyna Zalucky, The ROOTS Collaborative

Marva Burnett, ACORN Canada 

John Cartwright, President of Toronto York Region Labour Council 

Heather Marshall, Campaigns Director Toronto Environmental Alliance  

Adaoma Patterson, JCA

Jodi O'Gorman, VPI Working Solutions 

Heather Mcgregor, YWCA Toronto 

Michael Creek, Working for Change 

Olusola Olumogba, Direct Your Life 

Robert Bronk, OCS (is OCS a tcbn member??)

Adeema Niazi, Afghan Womens Organization Refugee Immigrant Services 

Stephen Callendar, ACCA 

Nadine Spencer, BBPA 

Liben Gebremikael, TAIBU CHC 

Maham Tarar, Buy Social Canada 

Nigel Barriffe, UARR 

Luanne Rayvals, Victoria Park Hub, Working Womens Centre 

Daniel Deleary, Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario 

Judith Otto and Carmine Ferrone, Youth Unlimited 

Andrea Hazell, Scarborough Business Association 

Debbie Douglas, OCASI 

Mandie Abrams, Hospitality Workers Training Centre

Ana Teresa Portillo , Parkdale Community Economic Development

Yan Chen, Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic

Dane Williams, Black Urbanism TO

Marc Arsenault, Ontario Ironworkers District Council

Fadumo Duale, Golden Mile 

Ismail Afrah, Regent Park Community Benefits Coalition

Rokhaya Gueye, Toronto Community Benefits Network

Gillian Mason, Gillian Mason Consultancy

You can learn more about the Toronto Community Benefits Framework here:

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