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Nominated by Mulisius Joe
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Amina is Manager of Government and Stakeholder Relations at Rescon, Ontario’s leading association of residential builders. Amina also handles all government relations activity and advocates on behalf of Rescon members to municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government on issues such as labour shortages, health and safety digitization and immigration.

Has the individual contributed to achieving a community benefits agreement for a local construction project that is privately or publicly funded?

If yes, please identify the project name and location (city, town or other location) and the role played by nominee in achieving the CBA.

As the Manager and Stakeholder Relations at Rescon Amina has led initiatives to hire Equity seeking groups onto Residential Construction Projects across Ontario. She actively works to support the hiring of apprentices and journeypersons from historically underrepresented groups. From the private sector stakeholder perspective she has been key in leading the Toronto Declaration of inclusive Workplaces and Communities on Rescon's behalf.

Has the individual led efforts that benefit targets for diverse hiring on construction projects associated with a community benefits agreement?

Dedicated outreach, recruitment, hiring and dispatch of equity seeking groups,

Proactive strategies for job preparation, job retention and apprenticeship completion,

Mobilizing and collaborating with stakeholders on new approaches to achieve equity, diversity and inclusion in construction workplaces,

Collaboration with sector stakeholders on actions that result in more welcoming workplaces for diverse workers,

Became educated on Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks and Other leadership actions with measurable results.

Provide more detail about the actions taken, and any outcomes or measurable results for the actions selected above.

Her efforts ensured that the Declaration and all of its signatories presented a strong presence to challenge Racism and Bigotry in the Construction Industry. The declaration provided below, was endorsed by 35 organizations, one of which was RESCON and it was posted on Construction worksites of the endorsers. The declaration says: The construction industry in greater Toronto is one of the strongest and most dynamic sectors of our economy. It owes its success to the hard work and tenacity of people at every level of the industry – including those born here and those whose families have come from elsewhere to build a better life. As developers, contractors, supervisors and skilled workers, we recognize that systemic racism is a reality in today’s world, and that discrimination in any form harms our construction community. Dividing people because of race, religion, colour, ancestry or any other difference which undermines human rights serves only to weaken our industry and our society. We commit to standing up for the rights and dignity of all in order to promote inclusive, equitable, safe and respectful workplaces and communities. This is why we affirm that: The dignity of every person is essential to a safe, healthy and vibrant workplace, and we will work together to create welcoming and inclusive workplaces and training opportunities. Anti-Black racism, bigotry, or discrimination of any kind has no place in our workplaces or communities. Our industry will have zero tolerance for discrimination or acts of hate against anyone in our workplaces or enterprises. We will develop policies, programs and initiatives at every level of the industry to reduce and eliminate racism, intolerance and bigotry.

Describe any other actions (not mentioned above) that recommend the nominee as a Community Benefits Champion.

Amina is also the chair of the Anti-racism roundtable

Has the nominee contributed to adjusting or improving on any other traditional practices within the construction sector to incorporate more inclusive approaches?

If yes, please describe the adjustments made, and their results.

As black woman in construction racism and sexism are issues I have faced all of my life, and on the construction site these have been issues that have been barriers for me to work and provide for myself. Amina contacted me regarding conducting interviews to highlight my experience as a black woman in the construction industry, as a Journey person. Her questions allowed me to talk about my challenges, so that future generations could understand the struggle, commitment and power I have as a woman in the industry. She profiled me, on behalf of RESCON and shared my store across various social media platforms, so that other employers and industry leaders that were apart of RESCON\'s network could improve working conditions, training and supports for women on their worksites.

Has the nominee led in supporting and advocating for diversity-related interests in government and societal affairs?

Yes please see above for the information regarding the declaration.

Provide any additional information that explains why this nominee should be considered for the Community Benefits Champion Award

As a woman in construction trades, leadership and professionals like Amina are rare. I highly encourage the nomination committee to consider my nomination of Amina so that we can celebrate her contributions and inspire other Professional, Administrative and Technical Staff to create opportunities for marginalized communities trying to build their future in the construction industry.

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